What can be said about the Mi TV 4C 32 Pro from Xiaomi ?

Mi TV 4C 32 Pro from Xiaomi – Presentation of this Ultra HD 4K

Xiaomi unveils a new model equipped with all the current expected sophistications, the Mi TV 4C 32 Pro.
This television is delivered with a  Ultra HD 4K resolution.  It could be said that this model gathers all the expected characteristics. Whether we consider its aesthetics or its size, the engineers of Xiaomi have developed a television admittedly a middle-range one, but a quality one anyway.
Should we let ourselves be convinced by this Mi TV 4C 32 Pro Xiaomi ? All answer elements just after.

TV design presentation Xiaomi Mi TV 4C 32 Pro

The Xiaomi Mi TV 4C 32 Pro appears as a real masterstroke of the brand regarding both its interior and exterior design.
The shapes are balanced and the overall rendering is beautiful to look at. A successful mid-range model.
This Xiaomi Mi TV 4C 32 Pro adopts a standard shape with a flat screen.
With its glass surface of 32 inches, As far as the base is concerned, there are also things to say. Indeed it has a double base, in which we have a division where each part of the base has its place. With this, the TV is exactly the same on both sides, thus creating a very symmetrical and stylish TV that can be enjoyed in any room.
The interest of the Mi TV 4C 32 Pro is undoubtedly its technology Ultra Slim Design.
In short, the Xiaomi has really succeeded the design aspect of this TV, which does not go unnoticed no matter where it is installed. If when turned off it has such an effect, the sensations take on a whole new dimension when the screen of the Xiaomi Mi TV 4C 32 Pro is revealed.

The screen of the Xiaomi Mi TV 4C 32 Pro

The designers of Xiaomi have made this new TV set Mi TV 4C 32 Pro. A new mid-range model with the characteristics of its time, a well calibrated image, and a high-performance processing.
With this new Mi TV 4C 32 Pro Xiaomi, the company makes an assumed technological choice. 
This model has a Ultra HD 4K display. Whatever the characteristics, it is still a beautiful screen. On this point, don’t worry.
Even better, thanks to its advanced technology, the screen of this television provides a Ultra HD 4K quality resolution.
Thus, the Xiaomi Mi TV 4C 32 Pro allows you to watch everyday movies and videos without necessarily wanting it to be a home theater level. It’s a decent mid-range.

Mi TV 4C 32 Pro from Xiaomi – The sound

The Xiaomi Mi TV 4C 32 Pro is not satisfied with displaying stunning image quality. Indeed, it also pleasantly surprised us with its well-made audio performance.
The equipment consists of  two speakers for a sound power of 5 W.

In conclusion, the sound of this TV will give you the majority of the sound spectrum. It’s average, but not of poor quality.

The Intelligent aspect of the Xiaomi Mi TV 4C 32 Pro

On the software side, the Xiaomi Mi TV 4C 32 Pro is equipped with the operating system MIUI TV installed; it allows you to explore a whole universe of entertainment.
This TV’s Internet access is possible either via Wi-Fi or via a LAN local network and you have the possibility to download a wide variety of applications and movies.

The connection system of the Xiaomi Mi TV 4C 32 Pro

This television Xiaomi Mi TV 4C 32 Pro offers a rather classical connectivity : mixed inputs HDMI, the ports as well as the audio are available on this model.

Presentation of the technical features of the Xiaomi Mi TV 4C 32 Pro

Here is a summary of the technical characteristics of the television set:

Characteristic Value
Ratio 16/9
Sizes of the television without stand 73.2 cm x 43.5 cm x 8.1 cm
Screen size in inches 32
Screen resolution Ultra HD 4K
Display system Direct-LED
Display frequency 60
Sound power 5
Wifi Yes
Tuners available
Number of tuners 2
Number of USB ports 2
Number of HDMI ports 3
Number of audio outputs 0
Number of audio inputs 0
Component Input (YpbPr) Yes
Composite Input (Video) Yes
HDR Compatible Yes
VESA compatibility Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Ethernet Yes

Mi TV 4C 32 Pro from Xiaomi – The conclusion

In conclusion, the Xiaomi Mi TV 4C 32 Pro is a mid-range television set of good quality. Average in most areas, it is nevertheless a wise choice for consumers who want to have a well-made product.
With a smart TV technology, you benefit from a relevant choice for a top-of-the-range model. Really interesting.
This 4K TV can also boast near-perfect picture quality, as well as clear, aesthetic and powerful sound reproduction.