SRT 24HY1003W from Strong : Our anlysis

Strong SRT 24HY1003W : A DVD that makes the difference ?

Strong unveils a new model equipped with all the current expected sophistications, the SRT 24HY1003W.
In its 24 inches model , this television offers a definition dedicated to the pictures treatment.
It is a small model. It will be more complicated for you to watch films or matches with all tour friends around.
In addition this Strong displays a DVD resolution.  It could be said that this model gathers all the expected characteristics. Whether we consider its aesthetics or its size, the engineers of Strong have developed a television admittedly a middle-range one, but a quality one anyway.
Through our review today, you will understand why the Strong SRT 24HY1003W is ranked among the best TVs of the moment.

TV design presentation Strong SRT 24HY1003W

The Strong SRT 24HY1003W appears as a real masterstroke of the brand regarding both its interior and exterior design.
A product that is correct in view of its price. A sleek but effective design. It has the potential to compete with other TV sets on the market.
The SRT 24HY1003W is quite standard, flat.
With its screen surface of 24 inches, it doesn’t dispay the black color you’re used to.
As far as the base is concerned, there are also things to say. Indeed it has a double base, in which we have a division where each part of the base has its place. With this, the TV is exactly the same on both sides, thus creating a very symmetrical and stylish TV that can be enjoyed in any room.This TV could simply be one of the best in terms of design for mid-range. It has nothing to envy from its competitors. Even when it’s off, you won’t get tired of looking at it; only happiness!

TV screen presentation Strong SRT 24HY1003W

The Strong could hardly do better than this SRT 24HY1003W with a TFT screen.
With this new SRT 24HY1003W Strong, the company makes an assumed technological choice. 
The Strong SRT 24HY1003W is available in the DVD resolution. Which is already above the average resolution of the range.
And with his 24 inches, he’s in a series of TVs that is at the bottom of its range.In the end, it is interesting to note that beyond the size, the screen is well made. A point to add when choosing between this model and other competitors.
Finally, Strong has chosen to put advanced technology on this TV, which makes it possible to have an DVD image quality .
Thus, the Strong SRT 24HY1003W allows you to watch everyday movies and videos without necessarily wanting it to be a home theater level. It’s a decent mid-range.

SRT 24HY1003W from Strong – The sound

A brief listening allows us to see that it does not work miracles. The sound is far from exceptional. That’s enough for TV shows, but not for home theater showings.
In terms of sound equipment, the TV is equipped with two loudspeakers with 6 W at output.

In short, the sound is enough to cover your everyday needs. The SRT 24HY1003W Strong is not designed for home cinema. That’s not what we are expecting.

SRT 24HY1003W from Strong – Its connectivity

This television Strong SRT 24HY1003W offers a rather classical connectivity : mixed inputs HDMI, the ports as well as the audio are available on this model.
Whether it’s your external hard drive, NAS or game console, all these elements can be connected to this TV.

It is with 5 possible connections that this SRT 24HY1003W is presented. The Strong SRT 24HY1003W allows you not to choose between the different devices to be connected. You can connect everything to this TV; the box, game console, multimedia server, DVD or Blu-ray player, etc…

You have the following connections at your disposal:
2 USB ports, 2 HDMI ports, 1 headphone socket

SRT 24HY1003W from Strong – Technical characteristics

Here is a summary chart of the technical features of the TV:

Characteristic Value
Ratio 16/9
Sizes of the television without stand 337 x 554 x 66 mm
Screen size in inches 24
Screen resolution DVD
Display system TFT
Sound power 6
Tuners available DVB-T DVB-T2 DVB-S DVB-C 
Number of tuners 3
Number of USB ports 2
Number of HDMI ports 2
VESA compatibility Yes
PVR Available Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Ethernet Yes
Power consumption 27 W

SRT 24HY1003W from Strong – The conclusion

The overall feeling about the product is satisfactory, it is not the best on the market, but it still allows to have an efficient television set.
The display system of this TV is outdated. This is fine if you want to view your VHS.

From this new Strong we can retain 3 positive points:
the sound power, the screen size.