Loewe Bild 3.49 : the other TV set from Loewe

Loewe Bild 3.49 : the new Ultra HD 4K

Latest launched in the range from Loewe, we are able now to know what the new top-of-the-range model Bild 3.49 is really worth.
A quick glimpse at the specification sheet : 49 inches.
It is clearly among the other rivals models. No more no less.
Regarding technology, we are facing a model with a Ultra HD 4K resolution.  Loewe catches up on its competitors thanks to the new Bild 3.49. We are facing a perfectly balanced television which establishes as a true reference.
Let’s take a closer look at this television set. 

TV design presentation Loewe Bild 3.49

The designers decided to do something very beautiful. At least that’s what it comes out when you’re facing the product.
Innovation. This seems to be the key word given by Loewe to characterize the Bild 3.49.
A high quality finish; a faithful image; everything is combined to make the Loewe Bild 3.49 an elegant TV in this range.
The Bild 3.49 is quite standard, flat.
With a size of 49 inches, Another thing we can highlight in the design of this TV is the design of its support. Indeed, it has a simple base, which fits perfectly into the decor, giving you a sense of unity and elegance.In addition, its support is in the shape of a pedestal.Loewe signs a screen with an extraordinary design. It offers a sober presentation, however, but with materials that enhance the feeling of quality. It is top-of-the-range while its price remains reasonable.

The screen of the Loewe Bild 3.49

Loewe is now refocusing on image quality. With this new model Bild 3.49, the engineers wanted to create a top-of-the-range television set in this field.
With this new model, Loewe confirms one of its technological choices. The use of the Edge-LED, even though it is a Edge-LED known for the lower quality of its image illumination, which has been favoured for this Bild 3.49.

This model has a Ultra HD 4K display. With a screen size of 49 inches, this Bild 3.49 is among the models in the average.Beyond its size, we are still in front of a beautiful quality screen.
By providing it with a frequency of 60 Hz, we’re looking at a high-end TV. Perfect image and exceptional synchronization in game or movie mode.
Finally, Loewe has chosen to put advanced technology on this TV, which makes it possible to have an Ultra HD 4K image quality .
To conclude the display part, we could say that it’s beautiful; it’s clearly top-of-the-range.

Bild 3.49 from Loewe – The sound

The designers of this Bild 3.49 have developed a device with a better sound quality than the CD quality; this TV gives you a stunning audio experience.
For the sound part, the television set is equipped with two baffles and a power output of 20 W.

Bild 3.49 from Loewe – Embedded intelligence

It has almost become a habit for Loewe, this Bild 3.49 has its operating system Loewe OS installed; it allows you to explore a whole universe of entertainment.
You will also be able to access the Internet, either through your Wi-Fi connection, or for the most geek among you via the LAN; you will then be able to download a whole bunch of applications and movies.

Presentation of the connection technology of Loewe Bild 3.49

Concerning the connectivity aspect on Loewe Bild 3.49, we have a lot of choice.
You will have few choices regarding connections. This TV has less than most of its competitors.

This model has a total of 6 connections, not too bad. The Loewe considers that with theBild 3.49 the consumer will have to make a precise choice because he won’t be able to connect many devices at the same time .

In the end, this TV provides you with the following features:
3 USB ports, 1 HDMI port, 1 audio output, 1 antenna input

Technical characteristics of the Loewe Bild 3.49

Here is a summary chart of the technical features of the TV:

Characteristic Value
Ratio 16/9
Sizes of the television without stand 111.9 cm x 68.1 cm x 9.5 cm
Screen size in inches 49
Screen resolution Ultra HD 4K
Display system Edge-LED
Display frequency 60
Sound power 20
Smart TV Loewe OS
Wifi Yes
Tuners available DVB-T DVB-T2 DVB-S DVB-S2 DVB-C 
Number of tuners 6
Number of USB ports 3
Number of HDMI ports 1
Number of audio outputs 1
Number of audio inputs 0
HDR Compatible Yes
VESA compatibility Yes
PVR Available Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Ethernet Yes
Power consumption 173 W

Our conclusion on the Loewe Bild 3.49

Finally, this new Loewe Bild 3.49 is the TV to buy if you are particularly demanding on quality, technology, and design.
The choice of Loewe to include the smart TV system with the best of its know-how in the Bild 3.49, leads us to say that this high-end TV is worth having a good look at it.
For this model, we forget the LED and enter the display technology in Edge-LED mode. There’s nothing to worry about. The result is flawless.
This 4K TV can also boast near-perfect picture quality, as well as clear, aesthetic and powerful sound reproduction.

Finally, we will note all the positive points that are to be added to the credit of this television set. Here are 3 that I find interesting:
the sound power, the screen size, the depth of the colours.