LENCO TFT-1038 : the television TFT from LENCO

LENCO TFT-1038 : A HD that makes the difference ?

LENCO is now an important television manufacturer, and proposes this basic model TFT-1038, a possible choice tested by our Laboratory.
First, the size : 10 inches on this device.
In spite of this size, the rendering and the picture result are good, without a doubt by means of the technology used .
This television is delivered with a  HD resolution.  From our point of view it is interesting. Given the price, this model appears as a good choice. Not too expensive but anyway it is made with elements which we think will withstand in the long run .
You wish to buy it ? After reading our analysis, you will have all the elements to know if it is a good choice.

TFT-1038 from LENCO – Design

Cheap doesn’t mean ugly. This could be the rule that has been respected by the designers of LENCO.
Considering the price level the design is good. We perhaps would have liked something more accomplished, but it is, it must be remembered, an entry-level television set.
In the end, we’re on an entry-level product. Even if at this level, when it comes to design, we could simplify it by saying that it is cheap. Materials of poorer quality and ergonomics identical to what was done 5 years ago, make this LENCO TFT-1038 a just acceptable television set.

The screen of the LENCO TFT-1038

Even on an entry-level model, the display restitution on this LENCO works very well. The image is faithful and allows to benefit from a clear rendering, without distorting the original source.
With this new TFT-1038 LENCO, the company makes an assumed technological choice. 
The LENCO TFT-1038 is available in the HD resolution. LENCO presents this TFT-1038 with a screen of 10 inches; this television is at the bottom of its range.At the same time, we are dealing with a nice display on the screen.
With a frequency of 60 Hz, this makes this TV set better positioned than its competitors. A perfectly synchronized image that will delight you for your home cinema.
In addition, LENCO has decided to use its mastery of advanced technology on this device, which allows it to benefit from a high quality HD image resolution.
In conclusion on the display, with the TFT-1038 LENCO helps you to choose a low-end TV set, which will be perfectly at home in your kitchen.

TFT-1038 from LENCO – The sound

The power of the audio system is limited, which does not allow a quality rendering.
For the sound part, the television set is equipped with two loudspeakers and a power output of 5 W.

Finally, if we have to summarize the sound of the TFT-1038 LENCO, fair is the right word for it.

The Intelligent aspect of the LENCO TFT-1038

Despite the absence of a smart TV, which would have increased the price of the TV set, you still have the possibility to buy a TV-Box that will extend the functionality of your TV set for a reasonable price.

TFT-1038 from LENCO – Its connectivity

The connection system consists of the minimum number of elements. The adepts of televisions in local network version will be disappointed by the lack of possibilities in terms of ports and inputs.
With a number of connections below the average of its range, you will have to choose which appliance(s) in your home you need to connect to your TV.

This model has a total of 6 connections, not too bad. The LENCO TFT-1038 is at the bottom of its range. Not great compared to its competitors.
In the end, this TV provides you with the following features:
1 USB port, 1 HDMI port, 1 audio output, 1 audio input, 1 headphone socket, 1 antenna input

Technical characteristics of the LENCO TFT-1038

The main features of this TV set:

Characteristic Value
Sizes of the television without stand 24.5 x 15.7 x 2.4 cm
Screen size in inches 10
Screen resolution HD
Display system TFT
Display frequency 60
Sound power 5
Tuners available DVB-T2 
Number of tuners 1
Number of USB ports 1
Number of HDMI ports 1
Number of audio outputs 1
Number of audio inputs 1
Power consumption 13 W

TFT-1038 from LENCO – The conclusion

Finally, this new LENCO TFT-1038 is the TV to buy if you are not very careful about the options, or if you are looking for an alternative to troubleshoot.
Negative point on this TFT-1038 is the absence of smart tv. It’s surprising in this day and age. But since we’re in a low-end product, why not.
It’s a smart choice for this TV. HD resolution for daily use. In a few years the prices of Ultra 8k will have dropped.

Finally, we will note all the positive points that are to be added to the credit of this television set. Here are 3 that I find interesting:
the sound power, the display frequency, the screen size.