HKC 43F3 : the best television set TFT ?

HKC 43F3 : the new Full HD

HKC is now an important television manufacturer, and proposes this basic model 43F3, a possible choice tested by our Laboratory.
Let’s have a look at the size. It’s a 43 inches.
It is a small model. It will be more complicated for you to watch films or matches with all tour friends around.
Beside, this television is equipped with a Full HD resolution.  Even if the product belongs to an entry-level group , the result is serious.
If you are considering buying the HKC 43F3, read on to see if it is really worth it.

43F3 from HKC – Design

Cheap doesn’t mean ugly. This could be the rule that has been respected by the designers of HKC.
Considering the price level the design is good. We perhaps would have liked something more accomplished, but it is, it must be remembered, an entry-level television set.
Ultimately, the HKC 43F3 is a TV with a design that is simple and efficient.

TV screen presentation HKC 43F3

Even on an entry-level model, the display restitution on this HKC works very well. The image is faithful and allows to benefit from a clear rendering, without distorting the original source.
HKC remains anchored in its technological choices and decides to equip its new television set with it. 
The HKC television set displays a Full HD resolution. It’s better than the others for a TV in its class.
In addition, with a screen of 43 inches, the 43F3 belongs to the series of small models in its range.In the end, it is interesting to note that beyond the size, the screen is well made. A point to add when choosing between this model and other competitors.
Finally, HKC has chosen to put advanced technology on this TV, which makes it possible to have an Full HD image quality .
My opinion to conclude on the display part. It’s cheap; with the price that goes with it.

TV sound presentation HKC 43F3

The power of the audio system is limited, which does not allow a quality rendering.
The equipment consists of  two speakers and provides a sound power of 6 W.

In short, sound is not the characteristic that will make you buy the 43F3 HKC. Low quality; enough choice to listen to the news or let children watch their educational programs.

Presentation of the connection technology of HKC 43F3

Due to its small number of connectors, it will penalize some users.
With a number of connections below the average of its range, you will have to choose which appliance(s) in your home you need to connect to your TV.

This model has a total of 6 connections, not too bad. The HKC considers that with the43F3 the consumer will have to make a precise choice because he won’t be able to connect many devices at the same time .

You have the following connections at your disposal:
2 USB ports, 3 HDMI ports, 1 headphone socket

Presentation of the technical features of the HKC 43F3

Here is a summary of the technical characteristics of the television set:

Characteristic Value
Ratio 16/9
Screen size in inches 43
Screen resolution Full HD
Display system TFT
Sound power 6
Tuners available DVB-T DVB-T2 DVB-S DVB-C 
Number of tuners 3
Number of USB ports 2
Number of HDMI ports 3
VESA compatibility Yes
PVR Available Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Ethernet Yes
Power consumption 74 W

Our conclusion on the HKC 43F3

With the intention of making a difference this new 43F3 HKC intends to make a difference. Well thought out and well finished. This mid-range is a wise choice.
In parallel, it will be necessary to add an important parameter: the price. You have here a television set whose price is very competitive compared to its competitors. In other words, including your final decision, you will have to take into account the fact that this is a television set that displays all your video sources correctly and allows you to have a very well defined image in all circumstances.

In short, many positive points that make this TV a very good product. The following 3 points should be remembered:
the sound power, the screen size.