Grundig 22VLE4520BF : a middle range Edge-LED television set

Grundig 22VLE4520BF : the new Full HD

A good mid-range television. This is how we can introduce the Grundig 22VLE4520BF.
In addition this Grundig displays a Full HD resolution.  Even if it is in a mid-range position, it offers interesting specifications, partly justifying its price.
Why can we consider this 22VLE4520BF as convincing in spite of its mid-range position ? This is what we are going to discover in this article.

22VLE4520BF from Grundig – Design

The Grundig 22VLE4520BF appears as a real masterstroke of the brand regarding both its interior and exterior design.
A product that is correct in view of its price. A sleek but effective design. It has the potential to compete with other TV sets on the market.
A mid-range television set that relies heavily on its design and the quality of its materials; arguments that Grundig has been promoting for some time now on these products. All this for a price that stays contained.

TV screen presentation Grundig 22VLE4520BF

The display of this 22VLE4520BF is handled with care. This will allow connoisseurs to enjoy a quality rendering in home theater mode. The colours are faithful and deep black.
With this new 22VLE4520BF Grundig, the company makes an assumed technological choice. Although of lower quality, an Edge LED Edge-LED is used for this TV.

This model has a Full HD display. Beyond its size, we are still in front of a beautiful quality screen.
Finally, Grundig has chosen to put advanced technology on this TV, which makes it possible to have an Full HD image quality .
To conclude the display part, we could say that it is interesting and effective; it is a mid-range TV that is worth the detour.

TV sound presentation Grundig 22VLE4520BF

The Grundig 22VLE4520BF is not satisfied with displaying stunning image quality. Indeed, it also pleasantly surprised us with its well-made audio performance.
The television set is equipped with  two loudspeakers with 3 W at output.

Finally, if we have to summarize the sound of the 22VLE4520BF Grundig, it is the word correct that comes out.

The Intelligent aspect of the Grundig 22VLE4520BF

To smart TV aficionados, keep moving on. This model does not have one. In case you can’t do without it, and this 22VLE4520BF is your final choice, you will need to add a TV-Box next to it.

22VLE4520BF from Grundig – Its connectivity

As for the connectivity aspect on Grundig 22VLE4520BF, it provides you with sufficient elements.

Presentation of the technical features of the Grundig 22VLE4520BF

The main features of this TV set:

Characteristic Value
Ratio 16/9
Sizes of the television without stand 51.5 cm x 36.4 cm x 15.5 cm
Screen size in inches 22
Screen resolution Full HD
Display system Edge-LED
Display frequency 60
Sound power 3
Tuners available DVB-T DVB-C 
Number of tuners 3
Number of USB ports 1
Number of HDMI ports 1
Number of audio outputs 1
Number of audio inputs 1
Component Input (YpbPr) Yes
Composite Input (Video) Yes
Power consumption 36 W

To conclude on the Grundig 22VLE4520BF

Finally, this new Grundig 22VLE4520BF is a television set that can go anywhere; it can meet the majority of needs.
To say the least, it’s complicated for a manufacturer to offer a model without smartTV. There are some among the competition, and at the same price. By choosing this 22VLE4520BF you know where you stand.
Its Edge-LED display shows an excellent image.
Besides that, you have a TV set whose big advantage is its very competitive price. At this level, you have a TV that displays all your video sources correctly and allows you to have a very well defined picture in all circumstances.